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Tiny logo

The stock photo makes the logo look like it covers most of the shirt. It’s actually about the width of a dollar bill. Lame

Jake G
Pretty cool t-shirt

I like the t-shirt. The logo and size is good, but the feel/texture is a little rough. All good though!

Jake G
Pretty cool shirt.

The shirt is ok. The material is kinda rough for the price, but it’s ok. Also, the logo came with a little build-up sticking out so had to remove it and now a small white spot. Thanks.

disappointing Quality

I am a fan of es footwear, since i esteem the brands identity and history. I started Skating in 1994 so i kind of witnessed the founding time of the brand. I really got into the brand during the era 1998-2002. Back then they had one of the best teams in Skateboarding history in my opinion (Arto, Koston, Burnquist etc.) which culminated in one of the most impressive Skatevideos (Menikmati) in my eyes. Therefore i have been appreciating and enjoying the brand and its fruits for a long time. That being said, i once read the claim that es footwear would offer sophisticated products (which they probably do, at least that claim matches the image of the brand in my opinion well) so i expected Shirts in a decent quality, which i didnt get. I bought two T-Shirts and a long sleeve and the quality is very poor: the fabric is very thin and the shape respectively the workmanship of the textiles (seams etc.) are also disappointing. I still think that es is a terrific brand but those shirts are nothing less than a disgrace for a reputable brand like es footwear. It is a little sad. Today i am wearing an old enjoy Shirt that i bought in 2009 and this shirt still is in a very good shape, i wish i could say that about the shirts from es. Not a big deal though, but i think the good people of sole tech deserve to receive an honest feedback. After all they have been doing a great job over the years. Thanks for that!


The T-shirt is very thin and has a bad fit. Like somene printed the Es logo on the cheapest white t-shirt available. No comparison to the T-shirts of DC, Independent, Element, Dickies, etc. while the price is the same. I will stick with the shoes, which are great.