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Lefa Eagleshield
Do not like how they squeak

The shoes were good till a day later they started squeaking and the soles were poorly made!

Stephen Barriga
OG accel

Take me back to 93

Taylor Smith


Zlayer ofPuzzy

I've only been skating for a year, and I had only had vulcanized shoes up until that point, and the puffiest shoe I'd had on were my half cabs. What I immediately noticed compared to vans was that heel support and tight fit. Until now, all the shoes I had skated didn't have puffy heel support, and half cabs just give the heel support. It didn't feel like my foot was moving at all in those shoes, and I really like that in a skate shoe, since I like to have them tight around my feet. I expected to have terrible board feel, but you get a surprising amount for a puffy shoe. I mean, if I changed into a pair of vans, I would instantly feel how grippy the sole is, and how much more of my concave I can feel, but in these shoes it's just present enough to where I don't overthink tricks that require a lot of boardfeel, which for me were 360 flips. Another thing I really enjoyed about these shoes were how they felt my first skate session. They felt like they were perfectly broken in, and the suede gave me a nice flick on kickflips since I try to ninja kick them straight out. There's also the obvious things like how the puffier shoes were better for if your board hits your feet since more padding. However, I don't have just positives to say about this shoe. My suede patch ripped after only 13 days of use, and then I had to wait until I got a new tube of shoe goo to skate them. I was really disappointed in that, but now I know for mu new pair to shoe goo that suede that moment it looks like it's about to come off. Another thing I didn't like about this shoe was the insoles, they are paper thin, and I know cupsoles are supposed to provide impact protection, but it really hurts my feet to jump down stuff in these shoes, and when I primo'd and landed on the wheel nut, I really feel it. I had to cut out my insoles to swap them out for better ones (I am currently using vans pop cush from all black half cabs), but once I did that, they were the ultimate skate shoe. Another thing that started happening was the sidewll for the shoe, started separating from the actual sole of my shoe, but once I shoe goo'd it, it was fine. Anyways, get these shoes I highly recommend.

Randy Guerrero
Great shoe

I use to skate these back in the day all the time, I’m so glad to see them back on my feet again