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Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
These shoes were a little bit bad

The only problem with these shoes were the fact that they are too slim. I had the shoes for about a week maybe two weeks and everything was holding up pretty well. The tread was nice and grippy and everything overall was good. But my feet hurt! I was jumping down stuff and my feet killed me. It may not be the same for other people but that’s what I think about the shoe.

Joel G
Amazing right out of the box

Shoes are ready to go on day 1. No break in required. SUPER light shoes. It feels like you aren't even wearing shoes. The strap is also very nice for keeping the shoes extra snug. Would definitely buy again.

Shannon Adams

Nice color way…nice skate shoe.

darin felckowski
great shoe!

I was riding the squareSQ and three's for awhile, but the vulc sole was rough on my feet after while. the slims with the sti insole were a great replacement!

Ashley Quon
Solid design

I’ve never been a high top person, but these mids feel really nice on the ankles while skating. They do need some breaking in to get the suede and sole a little more flexible, but that’s normal. It only took a few days as with most shoes. I will say my only complaints with the shoe are 1) the laces don’t stay tied for long, and 2) the insoles are a no go, they are thin, not supportive at all, and also a pain to rip out of the shoe. Grab some fp insoles or some other ones you like, and stick em in the shoe. I had some old vans pop cush insoles so I used those and felt much better wearing the shoes around and cruising on my board.