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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
David Segobia
They were awesome but..

Too big and i have decided to return them. i have already returned them.

Tony Nguyen
My favorite eS shoe so far.

I got nothing bad to say. These are honestly the best skate shoes I've skated in years.

cody waterman
Comfortable and fits like a sock

Great shoe, tight on the foot and ankle, but its suppose to be. Solid shoe

Ian Graham
Fits great, light and supportive

It’s cool to see eS taking some risks with tech designs! The Evant outsole is a good platform for a more experimental upper, and the Cykle’s 1-piece sock liner feels like a return to form. It’s tight like a slipon or a running shoe, without feeling thin or unstable/unsupportive. My only complaint is that it’s a bit of a struggle get my foot into the shoe, it’s a tight squeeze to get on but fits great once it’s on. I’m interested to see how the toe and side stitching wear out after skating in them, it seems like all of the important parts are covered, we’ll see now they hold up over time!

Jason O'Brien
Super tight

I've had a size 13 shoe for 17 years and out of that entire time, this pair stands out as being the absolute tightest fitting shoe I've ever had. No movement from the tounge area and it feels like it's two sizes to small. Not going to be able to wear