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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Stephen Liszak
Good pants

Fits comfortably, I like the option of using the belt loops or not. The bottom scrunch is very useful and the cargo pocket angles are unique. The waist button fell off of mine quite quickly, sewed it back on and super glued it. There should be a sticker or two with each purchase, not enough companies hook up the consumers with stickers. Not even one slap after spending $60+?

Jacob Devine
Did I get a Sample?

Pros: great fit, cargo pockets work well angled/ ergo, lil non loser pocket velcro stash fits a stack of cash easy, back pocket flaps are secure, very comfortable no restrictions,
Except… Cons: hole in crotch 2nd day due to the fabric separating poor stitching, end of first week button above zipper is un- threading hanging 1.5 inches, very thin weak fabric, non-loser pocket velcro peeling off, although the fit is nice and pushing on a skate is unrestricted they are not stretchy or have any spandex so i see more seams ripping soon, did i get a sample? Or made very cheap? Not worth what i paid. If they were $20 Id buy a few pairs.
Over all: Best cut/ fit/ dimensions of a pant
Love them and gonna rock them while they last but they are already falling apart. Please fix issue and ill buy again. Better yet, bring me in to help improve and redesign the best skate cargo pant ever thats fully functional…

Davis Kramer
Comfy AF!

Lightweight, flexible and built to last. Built by skaters for skaters. True to size

Chris Reyes
Not your Ordinary Skate Pants

By the construction of the pants, you can automatically recognize that they are created by true skaters. They are created to last and take all the slams. They fit just right not too baggy and not too tight as ordinary jogger pants.

Alberto Arreguin
Hart cargo goes!

Great fit and great material. Will be getting more