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Customer Reviews

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Patrick Novak
Fits great

Great price, great fit true to size, can't wait to skate

Justin Kaufmann
Accel Slims are sick

So I was a Vans shoe guy forever. But I just got so sick of the soles peeling and separating and the outer layer peeling away. Like, "what am I paying $60+ bucks for" "For these shoes to just fall apart?" I was sick of it.

So I saw these a few years back on an Instagram ad and never looked back. The soles are stitched on and are one piece. I'm happy to report they look great, fit great and are always my go to casual skate shoe. Plus I don't even skate. I BMX a little bit but nothing like I used to when I was younger.

I've even got a pair that are 3 years old that have turned into the "backyard chore" shoes. They are so beat out. No padding in the heel And I'd barely want to be caught dead in them. But that stitching still hasn't broken and there's no separation on the sole whatsoever.

I hope they keep making these or something similar to these forever because you have a lifelong customer.

Justin Endicott
Gonna be hard to skate another shoe

I’m 34 just got back into skating bout a year ago and skated daily when I was a teenager when we had the marshmallows for shoes and all that padding. The Accel slims have the slim feel but with some padding on top without the overkill. I’ve seen and read reviews about the soles being pretty thin but honestly it’s perfect and has great board feel. I’m not hitting stairs or shit I used to try, so for park skating they’ve exceeded my expectations so far. When these wear out I’m pretty sure I’ll just order another pair.

Benjamin Kotalla
Modern Classic

Nuff said!

Gerald Fuentes

Good looking shoe, very comfortable to skate in or wear to a wedding !!