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Customer Reviews

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Jeff Shields
Love em!

I love em! Perfect everything outdoors.

Mike Santarossa
Bought these for work…

These bèSt.. got them for working in. So comfortable I wear them all the time when not skating in me Accel Slims.. hope these stay part of the line and have different colors ways in the future, would definitely buy them again!!

super legit hiking/walking shoes

I wear these all the time now at work and whenever I'm not skating cause they're so comfortable and always keep my feet dry even when its raining and they look soaked. I didnt notice at first, but the Vibram outsole is actually the same brand as many other hiking shoes outsoles. They also have an upgraded insole that has more cushion than the stock ones in their skate shoes.
These are also way better for walking around in rain/snow and hiking than the Accel Explorers, by a long shot. Both are great at keeping your feet dry, but I would only really snowskate with the Explorers since I'd instantly roll my ankle with the Hikers.

Downsides were that the middle of the shoe feels a bit narrower than other eS shoes, and it took a week or so to break them in fully. Also the laces look like they're stretching a bit and I'm starting to see their inner fabric around the eyelets. It'd be nice if the laces were available for purchase in case they break down eventually after heavy use (I like how the laces match the mesh color).

10/10 would buy this shoe again as a backup for 5yrs from now, but also hoping to see if they come out with another colorway.

Kevin E
great in snow

Feels like a snugger/ warmer Accel Slim, I like it. They arrived just in time for a blizzard we had & offered very secure footing on ice/snow while using my snowblower. Please come out with more colors like black/white/gray.

Need these in Europe

Please És Europe get some of these really nice allroundershoes, we have shitty wheather and all wintershoes looks like a hipster from 2012 designed them, except these. So please get them.