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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Matt Avila
Eos shoe

I specifically like this shoe because it’s ready to skate out the box unlike other shoes that you have to slate a couple times so they break in. I also like how slim the shoe so there’s no movement on the inside. This shoe hugs your feet for perfect board feel.

Matthew Penninger
Great shoes

I love my EOS’s can’t wait to skate them, very comfortable

Leonard Watkins

I love my shoes it's been really hard to find them in store's so I'm Glade I could still buy them on your web page thanks for a great quality of product in your shoes

Julian Christianson
Soles impact and overall stability for feet.

I have always wanted to try the EOS so I’m glad they came back out they definitely feel great but they are a little flimsy and can be improved in the soul and overall stability for the feet ankle heals at 32 years old and a competitive skateboarder globally ranked my feet are most important. I notice that When I’m jumping downstairs or skating for a long amount of time my feet start to hurt in the shoes and most es shoes. Even when I switch and put a FP insole inside the shoes they still lack some support. But I do love these shoes and they feet my feet well and always grip well while I’m skating.

tre carroll
This shoe is amazing

I was having second thoughts when buying them over the accel's but I'm glad I did becuase these shoes have a clean sleek design, are very comfortable all-around and are durable. I love thesr shoes and will definitely buy more and I LOVE the éS logo on the side!