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Customer Reviews

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Pedro lyttelton
Es hart ..

Hi .. I love es skateboarding.. I bought hart cargo in black , crutch ripped in a week .. totally un repairable .. and then bought some more .. camo hart .. and the crutch is already ripping out again.. they are 2 weeks old .. have only skated in them 2 times .. they look amazing .. but unfortunately something is going wrong .. the shoes I can’t fault .. and buy 20 pairs a year .. would love to say they are the best cargos ever .. but they look like they are .. but keep tearing .. not good , when they cost a lot .. only being honest !

Top of the line

Been a skinny jeans guy my whole life, but recently wanted to try some cargos so I snagged the black pair. Not sure if I could ever go back now. Super comfy and lightweight. Wish there was more colors available. Would love to see olive or brown colors.

Cody D
Roomy and comfy

Relaxed fit and comfortable as ****

**** yes

Bought these for work mostly .. was looking for something with more breathing room and maneuverability... now I need to order a few more pai as I want to wear them every day .. best damn skate pants you can buy.. none of that skinny jean madness

Nice fit quality is okay

Recently purchased two pairs of these pants I love how they fit nice & loose. Where the 3 stars got lost is in the crotch area it has little to no stretch and I ordered a waist size larger then what I normally wear just incase of this. They ended up ripping the first day I actually skated in them. Looks I’d give a 5/5 & in the functionality department I’d give em a 2.5/5 MAYBE a 3 just because I like the way they look.