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Sean Brea
I am happy with my purchase. Innovative and original shoe

Good fitting and comfortable with authentic and original design. Especially like the cool innovative design of the midsole as well as the reflective mesh and the light colors which go well together. Won't be skating in these because want to keep them looking nice. Look forward to purchasing more es shoes in the future and hopefully more quattro/silo fusions and color schemes like this.

Tanner Costin
Colorway and comfort so on point

Love these kicks. Super cloudy feel with great support. The two tone sole is such a fire touch.

Hector Orlando
Quattro x Silo

Great comfort, great price and great look. I am satisfied with my purchase

Wili Hämäläinen
Looking good!

Love the way it looks, and the silo sole is really good. Really comfortable shoe to skate, the stiches in the tip are a small minus, because it breaks quite fast.

Jake De Raad
Quattro X Silo

One of the most comfortable shoes I've skated in a while, but I would've expected a little more durability. The stitching round the toe let go during my first sesh, and I'm not the biggest fliptrick guy. It might be a idea to glue the toecap to the under layer, i did the same with some glue and since then they've been great!