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A Suggestion/Request for E's

E's Skateboarding, I wanted to give you guys some feed back and then some ideas that maybe can benefit both sides of the industry being the consumers and the product providers.. I think you guys should think about making full lines for your Pro-Skaters.. As in lines of shoes and clothes specific to the Pros on the team and that way we can tap into the steez that we all love and cant get enough of of that certain Pro Skater.. Lets say Im a huge Tom Penny fan (I AM!) So I would LOVE to be able to have access to buy shoes like his (which you have) but we would also like to be able to buy pants like his, beanies like his, shirts like his clean down to his jewelry etc etc.. There are kids and young adults who would love to mimic the look of their favorite skaters and it also helps the consumer feel a little closer to their favorite skaters as well. But I thought this would be an amazing idea for you guys to look into because this is something I would have loved to have as an option as a younger kid and now as an adult I always love to find a way to improve skateboarding for everyone and since Ive done it for over 3 decades I have a little insider knowledge. If your ever looking for more employees look me up!!! It would be a dream come true to come work for you guys and I would gladly start at the very bottom hahaha. Sorry Its so long but Thank You for your time.

Erick Varela
Wish I would have known they aren't true to size…

Beautiful shoes but now i gotta return them for a whole size under, Im a 9.5 usually and they fit like an 11 lol but nothing against ÉS i love yalls products.

miles Borah
Life restored

You know when you go through that weird phase we’re none of the shoes your buying or skateing seem to give you that excitement to skate these changes that! All stoked again these things rule. I’m 25 so I missed these the first time around definitely ready for more color ways as I will be skateing these till I’m dirt

Naiche Quevedo-Musashi
Penny 2s are awesome !

Thank you Etnies! I lovvvvve my Pennys. Please please keep making this shoe!!! It is sooo comfortable ! My ACLs and MCLs are torn years ago, but I sooo love the comfort and support of this shoe against the ankle and soft tissue surrounding the lower foot ! Thank you !

Christopher Torres
Penny 2

Loved the penny 1 and these feel better to me. More ankle support and comfy.