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Getting back into skating

Off the board for a long time but getting back into it and wanted something that wasn't too bulky like the old days, but also can't imagine a slip on. First impression was wow these don't have alot of padding compared to what I was used to (it's been a while since my bulky Ellingtons, but they a ton of room, easy fit. Very lightweight. Looks good. Flick was very easy to understand and good feel. I think these are a perfect mid ground skate shoe with a minimal lightweight feel and look, but don't hurt the feet. Swift is a perfect name for these.

Arnold De Jong
Very narrow

Needs a wide version

William Brendle
Good feel

I like how comfy they are definitely going to grab another pair to skate in, the white on black color way is too clean looking to mess up on a board in my opinion lol

Almost perfect, love this shoe 4.5/5

This shoe is so comfortable right out of the box. The fit and style is just perfect. I have the Wade Desarmo colorway and they're just so damn fresh. One of those silhouettes that goes with any fit; slim, baggy, shorts, long socks, no socks, all fire. They skate really really well, pretty much broken in from the get go. The durability is top notch to, skated them hard for like 3+ months with minor repairs. The suede gets buttery soft as you skate it and the toe cap underneath is a beast. However there is 2 issues that could definitely be improved on. 1. Get Better insoles - although the insoles are supet comfortable initially, after a few weeks of skating them the insoles completely bottom out. Once that happens you really can't jump down anything in them or land primo, it all hurts. Boardfeel is insane though. 2. Improve the cupsole construction - within the first 2 weeks of just wearing the shoe, not even skating it yet, the sole started to come unglued where your foot bends by your arch all up the big toe side. Fixed it with some shoe goo and they held up to hard skating for 2 months but now the sole is ungluing on the other foot to. Overall would definitely cop another pair just because of how good they skate, fit and look.

Soul delaminating

I have been waring es for 25 years now and have never had a problem until the las couple years. Last year I bought a pair of black og accels bith the gum soul, nnd the soul delaminated. This year I bought a pair of the swifts hoping that the one I got last year was a fluke. However sadly that is not the case. These shoes are already showing signs of delaminating souls. This shows a clear drop in quality. Because of this it wares out fast and hurts my feet as well as rips through the inner soul and then my socks.