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They see me rollin',
They hatin',
Patrollin' & tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty,
Tryin' to catch me ridin' éS Heelys...
HEEL YEAH….éS is excited to roll out the newest collaboration with our friends over at HEELYS.
Featuring a new 400NBS urethane wheel for higher pop, lock & roll; integrated Ceramic Swiss bearings to be first inline for the club™, & of course - triple stitch seams for a seamless departure from the crowds that gather to admire you.
éS spokesperson & Roll Model®, Kelly Hart, speaks highly of the prestigious collaboration: “These things are HARRRRD, so [Foul language omitted] BUTTTERS. When I first tried them, it reminded me … Like, reminded me of doing a backside boardslide with Schmitt Stix rails, mid-way through slidin’ I shout “HURRICANE” & I lean back on my heels & smack that back truck up on to that waxy double sider. It’s all about leaning back & enjoying the ride. So BUTTERS. So Hyped that the éS X HEELYS collab finally happened.”
So whether you want to keep in tip-top hurricane condition, practice non-sideways activities such as walking drunk, or pretend that your rollerskate lost the front wheels – the NEW éS X HEELYS is for you. Take ContROLL of your life© …