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The Bronco Ninja
Love it

Only thing I don't like is the shoe starts to fall apart where the sole meets the shoe it seems like there isn't enough glue holding it in place. I have had quite a few swift shoes and they all seem to fall apart before I can wear through them. If that issue is resolved the shoe would be amazing with its longevity. TY!

scott bashaw
Swift 1.5

Another great pair of these shoes I have had at least 10 plus pair of these shoes always good and consistent. I will get more of these.

Antti Hänninen
Already familiar shoe in nice colorway

At first was skeptic about this shoe after skating accel slims for a long time, but the softer sole actually was really nice after I got used to it and have been using both shoes since

Zack Fair
Mudguard & Quarter

Mudguard & quarter were not glued properly. Within 1 day of skating the shoe, the mudguard and quarter wasn’t sticking to the outsole as it should. Over all the shoe feels & skates great. Although I was disappointed in how the shoe turned out to be. I’m guessing that’s why it was on sale? Anyways thanks for reviewing my complaint

Ryan Mohr
Great Shoe

First time straying from the accel slim, and I don't regret it. The swift performed great and required less of a break in period. Both will be in the arsenal moving forward.