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perfect imo

i was worried when others mentioned them being a bit tight, so i wore them out walking a few times with no laces and loved them.
After i felt them loosen just a bit, i threw some laces in em and it made me wish i had bought 5 pairs because now they're all sold out in my size.

board feel - great, comfort - great, foot slippage - never and i will keep buying them as long as you make them!
just restock them in size 12 and i'll keep buying em.

Sebastian Labonte


Mark Rodriguez
I went with looks

And was not disappointed solid slip on cup sole for me size was true to fit exactly. one of my favorites Of the new era

Adrian Collins
Great design

Okay so I got these shoes to first off see the difference in how an es 13 fits verses a 14 . I wear 13.5 but I have to get all
My shoes in so 13 for skating so it feel snug on my foot.. but most companies make their 13 tooo small. Es was perfect . However when I’m not skating I need a shoe to be able to comfortably wear but be stylish and represent skating . So why not try the es cyckle is looks like a trainer and I will
Be doing some for training in them. This shoe did not feel too big at so 14 it fits true to size and also broke in with in the first two days easy. So far this shoes gets a 10 out of 10. Did o mention it’s super comfy

David Alvarez
Yeah buddy

I’m an old fat dad. I can’t skate. Growing up I played traditional sports and thought kids only skated because they couldn’t play sports…. My son skates.
So for all those parents like me that are like “damn it why does skating destroy shoes?” these too will get destroyed, BUT unlike vans the sole wont fall apart in two weeks. Nothin is impervious to 11 year old kids on a board so don’t expect them to last forever but long enough. Kid loves them too